Wassim Eid Photo
“Our approach is to accompany all our employees in their career journeys and life, by providing opportunities for every individual to fulfil their personal and professional potential in a supportive environment.”
Wassim Eid, Chief Human Resources Officer.

Key Issues

Diversity and inclusion

Celebrating the rich cultural and professional diversity of our people

Talent attraction, development, and retention

Building a talented and committed workforce

Employee experience and wellbeing

Ensuring our people work in a supportive and inspirational environment

Employee health and safety

Making sure all our people are safe and well, every day


Supporting local people for our benefit and for long-term national prosperity

Employee Perspective

At Chalhoub Group, the voice of our employees is essential to our sustainability. Their feedback and suggestions will allow us to make enhancements at work that matter most to them…Putting our people at heart is a way of life for us.”

Florencio Padilla, Head of People Experience.

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