2018Sustainability Report

Putting People at Heart for a Sustainable Future

01Our Strategy
for Sustainability

Florence Bulte Photo
“We always value collaborative approaches to collective challenges, and we are geared to work with our stakeholders to address our business’ key sustainability issues.” Florence Bulte, Head of Sustainable Engagement


Patrick Chalhoub Photo
“As the leading partner for luxury in the Middle East, we have a responsibility to hold ourselves to the highest standard, and for us this means ensuring sustainability is an integral component in how we operate our business.” Patrick Chalhoub, Chief Executive Officer


“Our approach is to accompany all our employees in their career journeys and life by providing opportunities for every individual to fulfill their personal and professional potential in a supportive environment.” Wassim Eid, Chief Human Resources Officer


Paolo Lomonaco Photo
“We value the special bonds we have built with our stakeholders - whether they be suppliers, business partners, customers, or our own employees. We work hard to develop strong and durable relationships with all those who have an interest in our business.” Paolo Lomonaco, Chief Financial Officer


“We are constantly seeking methods to improve our operations and to minimise the negative environmental impact of structures and buildings by developing spaces efficiently, moderation in the use of materials, reducing waste over the lifecycle of a building, and controlling usage of energy and water.” Gilbert Boustany, General Manager, 3D Design Decoration and Display, Chalhoub Group


“Creating an impact in people's lives is at the heart of our employee engagement activities. We focus on providing meaningful volunteering opportunities to inspire and build bonds with those in the communities where we work.” Dana Dadoush, Senior CSR Executive