Our Strategy
for Sustainability

Patrick Chalhoub Photo
“By embedding sustainability into our organisational core, based on our strategic pillars of leadership, people, partners, planet and impact, we are ensuring the business builds on its strong foundations and is ready to address future challenges.”
Patrick Chalhoub, Chief Executive Officer.
Florence Bulte Photo
“We always value collaborative approaches to collective challenges, and we are committed to work with our stakeholders to address our business’ key sustainability issues.”
Florence Bulte, Head of Sustainable Engagement.

Our Mission

Our mission:

To help build a strong and sustainable business and community.


Excellence, Respect, Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Activation through engagement & education

We live in a rapidly changing world in which we need to operate within the constraints of our natural environment while still meeting the growing expectations of our customers. To do so, a clear strategy and strong leadership is required where we demonstrate the courage to embrace new technology while remaining sensitive to the needs of our employees and the communities where we work.

Engaging with key stakeholders to understand our most important issues

Our most recent materiality review and ongoing engagement with stakeholders help us understand and prioritise the sustainability issues that are most important to our business and our stakeholders.

Contributing to national
and global agendas

As a regional company with a global value chain, we have worked to ensure our strategy supports broad development goals including the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), the United Nation’s Global Compact (UNGC), the United Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), and Dubai Plan 21 under the UAE Vision.