Water is a precious resource, particularly in our home region of the Middle East. We take steps to make sure that we manage our use of water as effectively as possible.

decrease in utility water
consumption from 2017
decrease in drinking
water consumption from 2017

Key Stories

Water saving

We have been working to raise awareness of the importance of water as a resource among our colleagues in our offices, warehouses and stores using our internal communication platforms. We have also distributed table signs in common areas communicating the importance of changing our habits to save water. This forms part of our effort to reach our 2020 target of reducing water consumption by 15%.

  1. We installed sensors on our water taps in the UAE in 2018, contributing to an estimated 11% saving in water use.
  2. Implemented the self-service concept in filling the drinking water in offices and meeting rooms to avoid unnecessary loss of water.
  3. Reduced the amount of water flow inside the washroom’s basins in d3 offices to be able to save water.