We work in our own activities and with our partners to minimise waste. Our goal is to send zero waste to landfill by the year 2030 - a significant challenge in the years ahead.

increase in recycling
in our logistics from 2017
reduction in paper
consumption from 2017

Key Stories

Paper saving

We have been taking a range of steps to minimise the use and waste of paper across our business.

Within Chalhoub Group, we have been changing our practices to minimise paper waste in our offices. This has included altering our systems for printing, including using double-sided printing as the default option and moving towards systems of e-archiving, creating a 150,000-sheet reduction. We have also driven initiatives to reduce toner consumption. Furthermore, we have replaced our printers in our head office to optimise printing services which in turn has decrease the amount of paper used.

150,000 sheet reduction from using double sided printing and e-archiving

Going paperless, by using tablets in warehousing activities, is also reducing the need for paper when conducting inspections during offloading. We are working to eliminate the need for printed documents with shipments by ensuring that receipts or invoices are sent electronically. We are also working increasingly close with our brand partners to explore areas for packaging reduction. As part of our internal transformation programme, we are making a transition from learning based on paper to learning carried out on tablets and computers. This approach is more environmentally-friendly and more attuned to the way in which people are approaching learning today.

We are supporting our partners in India and Egypt to improve their waste management processes and procedures.

Recycling Campaign

We are recycling in eight countries where we operate: UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, India, Lebanon and Jordan. To reduce our waste to landfill, we held communication campaigns to encourage our team members to segregate their waste and extend their efforts to their homes. Our recycling bins segregate paper, plastic, electronics and cans. In our warehouses, it also includes cartons and pallets. In 2018, our warehouse in the UAE alone generated $29,543 income from the sale of recyclable plastic.