We recognise the need to manage natural resources wisely, including efficient use of energy throughout our operations to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions and reduce other environmental impacts. As part of our approach, we are transitioning to renewable energy.

reduction in energy
consumption from 2017
reduction in CO2
emissions from 2017

Key Stories

Green building design

A sustainable building functions by the efficient use and consumption of materials, energy and water. By adopting appropriate good design practices, we can preserve precious natural resources for future generations and minimise the effects of climate change. From 2018, we have been making technical upgrades to our head office and main warehouse in four focus areas for sustainable design: space efficiency, material/waste management, energy efficiency, and water use efficiency. The initiatives carried out are diverse, and include:

Space efficiency

  • A new layout with open spaces, including a switch to glass partitions to maximise natural sunlight
  • Improving and maximising space for users by building a First Aid room, nursing room, and breakout areas
  • Developing a kitchen pantry and revamping washroom facilities
  • Making health and safety upgrades to various areas

Materials and waste management

  • Using window films to increase solar reflectivity and reduce solar heat and incoming ultraviolet and glare
  • Use of recyclable and fire-rated materials for flooring, false ceiling and walls
  • Making use of thermal and acoustic isolation materials to reduce energy consumption and noise pollution
  • Refurbishing and reusing hard finish flooring with environmentally accredited materials and replacing damaged areas
  • Reusing existing furniture and decorative elements and using new units only in new areas

Energy Efficiency

  • Installing solar panels in the UAE head office and main warehouse
  • Upgrading the chiller system with related accessories
  • Using a building management system that controls and monitors the building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems
  • Installing LED light fittings for all office building, canteens, VIP areas, gymnasiums, storage buildings, gardens and car parks
  • Introducing timers for light fittings including motion detection sensors in fire exit staircase and corridors
  • Upgrading conduits and wiring for all electrical points and fire alarm systems

Water Efficiency

  • Upgrading water heaters for pantry rooms
  • Using water efficient sensor appliances in all toilet areas

Our plan by 2020 is to continue upgrading in these four focal areas of sustainable design, moving to other locations in retail and corporate buildings with a special focus on solar panel installations. Additionally, there will be a focus on pursuing international standardised certifications to reinforce our sustainable design initiatives.

Powering ahead with solar

In 2018, we have completed the installation of over 6,200 solar panels at both our head office and main warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone, UAE. It is expected to save 1,750 tons of CO2 annually. In 2019, grid connection will be completed, which is expected to have an immediate return on investment both in terms of energy and financial savings.

By 2020, our target is to install solar panels at our warehouse in Dubai Investments Park (DIP), head office as well as our office in Jeddah.

Seeking energy efficiency

In 2018, our project to move our information to cloud infrastructure was rolled out. We outsourced this to an external data centre which has helped us increase efficiency, improve cash flow, be agile and decrease our environmental footprint. 60% of our information is planned to be on the cloud in 2019.

Viewpoint from the next generation

A strong sustainable engagement is key to any forward-looking business in the 21st century. As citizens of the world, we should each take our part in making sure our development is sustainable for generations to come. Our grandparents and parents led the way in showing us how to create a sustainable business over the last six decades and today we are proud that the Chalhoub Group is going solar as we aim to enhance our environmental impact and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels."

Kevin Chalhoub, Masters in Renewable Energy from Stanford University, Youngest Chalhoub family member of the 3rd Generation.

Kevin Chalhoub Photo