We are implementing radical change at Chalhoub Group, using digital technology to transform the Group from a traditional distributor and retailer for luxury in the Middle East to a hybrid retailer, bringing luxury experiences to the fingertips of customers everywhere.

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Key Stories

An internal digital journey

We started our journey into Digital Transformation with the objective of strengthening relationships with customers by increasing our online presence over several touch points such as web, mobile, tablets and kiosks in store. We also sought to strengthen the relationship with our luxury partners by supporting them with their online activities in addition to inspiring our team members to adopt a digital mindset.

Developing a digital mindset means that digital transformation affects virtually everything we do; from the way we manage orders, invoices and processing in our warehouses and stores to the way we communicate internally and engage with our customers.

For example, we are implementing several initiatives to reduce paper consumption with greater emphasis on tablet and computer-based learning and development across all lines of the business.

We have launched a Digital Learning Platform ‘Axonify’ specifically for our retail staff to create hybrid and micro learning opportunities. More than 4,200 learners have been introduced to the Digital Learning Platform. Through their daily, consistent contributions, an equivalent time of 2,300 training ‘days’ have been undertaken on Axonify. Currently, the participation rate stands at 80% with a training frequency of 15.2. This translates to an employee logging in to learn once every 2 days.

We have amended the required competencies in our job families to make sure people are sufficiently skilled in digital programmes, digital marketing, and the field of hybrid retailing. It is all about understanding digital challenges, what it means to be digital and how to support its growth.

SHIFT - driving transformation

Under the leadership of our Chief Transformation Officer, the transformation team, “Shift,” is supporting all business units within the organisation to develop initiatives focusing on new ways of working, implementing tech-enabled solutions and ensuring that efficient systems are in place for continued growth and longevity of the business.

The strategy behind the transformation plan is anchored by seven guiding principles which encourage employees to make bold moves, celebrate and learn from successes and failures and to think hybrid and global from the onset, always with the customer at the heart- our leading principle.

The Shift team, which operates like an internal consultancy, covers a range of areas including internal and external transformations. The internal transformation is focused on people, processes and culture. The external transformation is customer focused, looking at building future processes that enhance customer value, and re-working customer sales channels to create an ‘omni channel’ experience and supply chain. The team also works to improve efficiency across internal departments and creates partnerships with start-ups and key digital entities, such as Google and Facebook. Across all these areas, the team’s challenge is effecting transformation that is valuable and durable and which enriches the working life of employees.

Guiding Principles

Our six priorities for 2019:

  1. Hybrid consumer journey
  2. Loyalty programme
  3. Purpose & culture
  4. Frontliners at the forefront
  5. Efficiency
  6. Online sales

Developing online platforms for our customers

In line with the digital transformation happening in the region and within our Group, we are developing online platforms for our concept stores to ensure an uninterrupted offer, a unique service and a seamless experience to all our guests.