Key Stories

In 2018, we carried out some 25 humanitarian missions in nine countries responding to immediate community needs. There are many examples of different actions taken either through our own campaigns or in partnership with NGOS.

Support to fight against cancer

More than 250 stores participated in the Hope for Cancer Patients retail campaigns in UAE and KSA. From the sales of daffodil pins, we were able to donate over $125,000 to local non-profit organisations that support cancer patients. These funds help to finance treatments and medical needs.

More than 200 of our employees were involved in different drives in offices to raise awareness and show support to people suffering from cancer.

Throughout the year, we distributed ‘Joy Cart’ care packages to cancer patients in hospitals to boost morale and confidence during tough times in collaboration with our brands L’Occitane and Wojooh.

Support to children

As part of the fight against cancer, we sponsored a school to be part of the six-month ANA-Vation programme. This is one-of-a-kind initiative raising awareness on the importance of early detection of childhood cancer. The programme operates by supporting fun, educational activities, such as the innovative DIY robotic kits, and by applying core S.T.E.A.M. concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) to inspire future researchers, doctors and engineers. Through partnership with Friends of Cancer Patients, five groups of students aged 12-15 developed innovative ideas

Our team in Kuwait distributed more than 300 gifts to children as part of international children’s day. This campaign was part of a broader initiative to support children in hospitals battling a range of illnesses.

Viewpoint from the next generation

From the start, our family adhered to values that have enabled the business to grow and flourish. Respect is one of these values, and it extends beyond the Group. We support humanitarian causes because we respect human dignity and seek to protect it.”

Aurelia Chalhoub, Daughter of Anthony Chalhoub.