Nationalisation and Cultural Programs

Nurturing local talents for national prosperity

Our Group has a long history in the GCC. In line with our leadership’s vision of supporting local communities, we are committed to recruiting quality GCC hires and offering them the opportunity to have a meaningful career at Chalhoub Group.

Key Stories

Our Challenge

In alignment with national agenda, we contribute to the national target of achieving 5% Emiratisation rate in private sector by attracting and nurturing the right talent who are passionate about retail.

To formalise our commitment, we introduced guidelines that encourage the recruitment, retention, and development of nationals within the Group, including KPIs for our line Managers and our COO. By the end of 2019, we were able to achieve a 4.2% Emiratisation rate, and will continue our efforts towards the 5% goal by 2021.

To reach our target, we do not only attract Emirati talent, but we also provide them with the right, inclusive and growth environment that will enable them to evolve within. We are continuing to strengthen our efforts to reach the desired Emiratisation goals. Over the past few years we have introduced several entry and developmental programs that introduced fresh talents into the luxury retail sector. An example of this is our Emirati Graduate Program where we have successfully onboarded our future Emirati leaders within several streams.

We have also invested in diverse projects and activities with key external strategic partners through which we offered work placements, trainings, career guidance and consultancy, where we have educated, coached and inspired over 120 students in 2019.

Bridging the Gap

At Chalhoub Group, we work towards bridging the gap between the different cultures in our organisation to create an inclusive work environment for all. We facilitate this through several cultural programs to introduce and educate stakeholders about the Emirati culture through various events such as the Hag Al Laila (height of the night) Emirati Flag Day, Emirati Women’s Day, and National Day celebrations, where we celebrate the spirit of our nation. We also conduct Emirati Cultural Intelligence workshops for all stakeholders.

Gulfanisation Forum

For the first time in 2019 the Group organised a GCC engagement forum bringing together our GCC national colleagues and the Group Leadership where they engaged, networked and shared their experiences, the forum has proven to be a success with the participation of over 150 employees from different parts of the business.

Tawteen Gold Membership

In 2019, our membership category at Tawteen Partners Club has been upgraded to Gold by the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation in recognition of our efforts towards Emiratisation and acquiring quality hires, as we surpassed our internal goal of 3.5% by achieving 4.2% adjusted Emiratisation.

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