Securing the health and safety of everyone in the Group is a core responsibility. It is our Duty of Care to manage the risks and hazards in our workplace every single day.

hours of safety trainings across UAE Logistics
recordable injuries (UAE logistics)
recordable injury rate (per 100,000 man-hours) (UAE logistics)

Key Stories

Pursuing consistent alignment

With our vertically-aligned business structure, one of the most significant challenges we face is in securing alignment and consistency in how our people are trained and in the process that is implemented.

There are several aspects to ensuring consistency and alignment, such as: by doing things properly and in smart ways, we are able to keep costs at a minimum while maintaining high consistent standards. By making sure employees in all regions feel included and connected to our Health and Safety culture, we create a “sense of one.” By ensuring that ‘Environment, Health, and Safety’ content and messages are consistently aligned, communicated and understood across all markets, we build a positive culture of safe operations and wellbeing.

Digitally-delivered training

We have carried out health and safety training for our employees, primarily our retail staff who number more than 3,000 and have emphasised the importance of digital technologies in the way we deliver this training.

We provide foundational health and safety awareness training during orientation, primarily for retail employees.

We have introduced a digitalised platform to capture Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) data across Logistics. This has a range of benefits, including:

  • Providing an alternative tool and efficient process for reporting incidents
  • Capturing incident data for analysis and monitoring of corrective actions
  • Capturing all EHS records and documentation

We use the Group’s digital learning platform to provide personalised learning material for Logistics employees. The tool enables us to detect gaps in employee safety awareness and can provide support by communicating the relevant learning material.

We provide training videos for retail employees on key EHS topics, using the numerous company digital platforms to provide consistent and aligned health and safety learnings and awareness across the region.

We have also introduced performance dashboards which facilitate analysis of EHS data across retail stores. This provides for efficient and adequate risk mitigation to be implemented, enabling corrective actions and/or key learnings to be communicated.