Our aim is to work with partners who share our vision and who continually take action to improve their positive impact.

retail outlets in UAE
of 395 selected suppliers completed the supplier scorecard

Key Stories

Supply chain efficiency

We collaborate closely with our brands to develop and deliver the products our customers want and to make sure our processes operate as efficiently as possible. We plan carefully and forecast stock requirements as accurately as possible.

Engaging our brands on price alignment to improve our competitiveness with European markets has also become a bigger focus. Consumers are always discerning and it is increasingly important to be price-competitive in the current luxury goods market.

We have joined the Sustainable Supply Chain Taskforce at Dubai Chamber of Commerce to partner with other private companies to analyse the environmental and social impacts of supply chains in different sectors in the UAE, with the aim of finding joint solutions.

We are currently building a strategy framework, which will be fully developed in 2019, to adopt the principles of UNSDG 12 on responsible production and consumption as an approach across all our lines of business. This effort will focus on five main areas: energy efficiency, waste management, logistics, procurement and education. Our approach is founded on two principal objectives:

  • Underlining existing initiatives in place, assessing whether they need to be refreshed, and identifying new areas of focus for the next five years;
  • Identifying the different stakeholders, internally and externally, who provide good opportunities for working in partnership.

Through our scorecard, we continue to have dialogues with our suppliers. As the market becomes more digital, it is even more important to understand how brands are viewed in a fast-moving market environment.

Operational efficiencies in our warehouse and logistics

Our warehouse and logistics activities provide good opportunities to drive further improvement in reducing waste and maximising operational efficiency. Digitalisation and automation offer the scope for increased speed and accuracy and the elimination of repetitive tasks.

In our vehicle fleet, we have implemented a carrier management system which has reduced administrative costs – financial, material, and human resources- to reduce delivery trips. We are also working on route maximisation approaches for ‘last mile’ deliveries from online customers in KSA.