Patrick Chalhoub Photo
“As the leading partner for luxury in the Middle East, we have a responsibility to hold ourselves to the highest standard, and for us this means ensuring sustainability is an integral component in how we operate our business.”
Patrick Chalhoub, Chief Executive Officer.

Key Issues

Customer centricity and experience

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do


We embrace the changes brought by digitalisation to become a leaner, more agile business, responsive to our customers’ needs

Corporate governance and business practices

We operate our business fairly and ethically, and build the trust of our customers, partners and employees

Innovation and creativity

Innovation drives what we do, and how we respond to our customers

Employee Perspective

We have been undergoing a 360° business transformation to ensure we get closer to our consumer at every touchpoint, anywhere and everywhere. This will secure our position as the leading luxury retailer in the Middle East and will future proof our business always staying agile and responsive to the needs of our consumers.”

Rania Masri, Chief Transformation Officer.