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Key Stories

Supporting the Jusoor Literacy Center

Chalhoub Group is sponsoring the Jusoor Literacy Center in Bekkaa, financing the entire operation including tuition of over 1,300 refugee children in primary care. The program has the following elements:

  • The Literacy Program currently teaches 653 students aged 5 to 14, using the Jeb Jenin center on a daily basis. The program is staffed by more than 20 Syrian and Lebanese teachers and administrators.
  • A homework club supports Syrian students from the camp who are studying at nearby public schools and need extra help in subjects such as Science, English and Mathematics. This academic year, 152 students have joined the club.
  • The Jusoor Summer Camp was held for the first time in 2018 to engage our team members in supporting refugee students in fun and educational activities. In partnership with the Orenda Tribe, we tailored a workshop to educate the children on sustainability through storytelling and art. Our volunteers also took part in other science, music, art and sports activities with students. Over 400 primary students attended this summer camp.

Support to the School in the Clouds program

We contributed $1million towards developing a two-year education program with Dubai Cares in association with the Vitol foundation, Emerson collective, Queen Rania Foundation and Pedago as the operational and technical partner.

The project provides a technology-based solution to convert STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects within the final two years of the Jordanian Secondary curriculum to a smart platform. The goals of the program are to:

  • Boost high school graduation rates and overall achievements in the national government examination - Tawjihi.
  • Increase the prospects for students (including displaced students) to pursue higher education.
  • Engage team members in beneficial activities such as App testing, tutoring, and career coaching.
  • The initiative is being run as a pilot project in Jordan and is supported by Jordan’s Ministry of Education. The target population are those who have been affected by emergency, displaced or low-income youth in Jordan, including refugees. It is anticipated that more than 2,000 children will be engaged in the pilot, in three phases, and could be expanded in future.